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November 22nd November 26, 2008

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– Talk about private detectives

– Listenging, p.95

– Reporting Verbs, p.132

– Clauses of contrast, purpose and reason, p.98/99

– Extra Practice: guess the sentences, unfold, match and check

– Reading, p.96


Check you progress 5 (answer key) October 24, 2008

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1) 1. have you taken, I’ve finished 2. Have you been going, I’ve only had it 3. I’ve been looking for, I haven’t found 4. have you been doing, I’ve been working, I’ve planted

2) The right answer is: 1. everything 2. each 3. every 4. both are possible 5. all

3) 1. no, anything 2. anywhere 3. none 4. any 5. none

4) 1. The friend I’m staying woth is very nice. 2. Mark failed his driving test, which was a pity. 3. The hotel we’re staying in is very noisy. 4. I can’t hear what she’s saying. 5. What I hate about the sales is that there are so many people.


5) 1. bee 2. whale 3. kitten 4. cage 5. hunt 6. environment 7. wing 8. zebra crossing

6) 1. unfortunately 2. memorize 3. improvement 4. terrified 5. communication 6. useless 7. adorable

7) 1. clairvoyant 2. future 3. horoscope 4. spooky 5. coincidence

8 ) 1. blind 2. match 3. fit 4. lie 5. count

2nd Assessment! October 18, 2008

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Guys, examinations are on the way! As you know, next Saturday we’ll have both writing and speaking tests, and the speaking one will be based on a book. I hope you’ve managed to read something. Anyway, here’s what will be covered by the exams:

– Unit 5A – animals and conservation + present perfect simple or continuous

– Unit 5B – word-building + quantifiers (both, either, neither, all, each, every…)

– Unit 5C – relative clauses + words with more than one meaning

– Unit 6A – crime and punishment vocabulary + gerund or infinitive

NOTES: 1. Remember to revise both grammar and vocabulary topics!

2. I strongly advise you do “Check your progress 5”, page 85. I’ll send the answers by the end of the week.

3. I’ll be at Cultura on Friday, from 18:30 to 20:00 to carry out a revision lesson! Please come if you can.

Extra practice link: Gerund or infinitive quiz!

October 18th October 18, 2008

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– Words with more than one meaning, p.84

– Detective Game

– Group discussion about crime and violence

– Vocabulary builder, p.138

– Speaking: detective interrogates a witness

– Grammar: gerunds and infinitives, p.86

– Listening, p.87

– Reading, p.88/89

October 4th October 4, 2008

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– Poetry!

– Vocabulary: word-building, p.75

– Quantifiers, p.77 + exercise list

– Listening, p.78

– -ed/-ing adjectives, p.79

Poems we used today:

The Creature, by Bill Dodds

In the middle of the night,
in the part that’s known as “dead,”
I wake and hear the breathing
of the creature beneath my bed.

Sometimes he growls and threatens me,
sometimes he only stares.
He’s big and fat and ugly,
and I shiver when he glares.

His odor fills the bedroom,
and his breath is awful, too.
His teeth are few and yellow;
he should be in a zoo.

Instead, he lives beneath me
it’s like rooming with a skunk.
The creature’s my big brother,
and he has the lower bunk.

I ate a ton of sugar, by Alice Gilbert

I ate a ton of sugar.
It made me very sweet.
It also made me very round
So that now I can’t find my feet.

Roses Are Red

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet.
And so are you.

The Offspring’s Americana Album, click here.

Welcome! October 3, 2008

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Hello everyone from the conversation group and welcome to my, I mean our weblog! As you can see, it was made exclusively for you, so I hope you enjoy the content! In here you can find all the multimedia material we use during our lessons and more.

Today we talked about politcs and personality adjectives

Extra practice on personality adjectives, click HERE!


September 27th September 28, 2008

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Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous

– Student’s Book, page 72 and 73

– Extra Practice 1, click HERE!

– Extra Practice 2, click HERE!


– Speaking

– Reading, p.76

Homework: composition about PETA’s “Chew on this” video (see previous post) and hand-out about quantifiers!

To download INXS – Elegantly Wasted (1997), click here

These two videos were mentioned during our discussions about animals:

Homework: Opinion Article – PETA September 15, 2008

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Watch this video:

In 150-170 words, write an opinion article about animal’s rights nowadays. Also say if you would become a vegetarian or not and why. You can visit this website for more information: http://www.peta.org/about/index.asp

September 13th September 15, 2008

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Yo people! Sum up of last lesson:

– Crossword: vocabulary revision

– Check the tests

– Talk about animals

– Vocabulary builder, p.137

– Video activity

To download R.E.M.’s Monster Album (1994), click here!

Some reminders:

– Choose and show me your books for the reading project

– Start planning your mini-saga for the competition

– Keep doing your workbook exercises because I’ll check them soon

– Go and contribute to “Jake in Brazil” category in this weblog!

September 6th September 6, 2008

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Hi fellows! Today we had some reading and speaking practice about feng shui (p.67). Then we had a speaking activity involving house and furniture descriptions and finally a grammar approach to “have something done”. After the break we had our 1st assessment, which was considerably easy, except maybe for the vocabulary section, but don’t get used to such piece-of-cake tests all right!

To download Joss Stone’s “Mind, Body and Soul” album, click here!

Aw, and don’t forget to choose a book in English. I know you still have a whole month to read it, but let me know your choices as soon as possible!

Have a nice week everyone!